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Music Trends In Our Daily Lives


Let’s face it.

Technology has already dominated everyone’s lives. We use technology at home to clean our house. We use technology at work to meet our deadlines. We use technology at school to pass our subjects. Simply put, technology is now a part of every single thing we do in life.

But you know what? There’s another one. Technology has also dominated everyone’s interests – or more specifically, the way people listen to music.

Digital trends have now become music trends.

Music trends have now become part of every single thing we do in life.

That being said, here’s a closer look on some of them:


Back then, you can only randomly listen to songs on the radio. But now, you can just listen to songs on streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes – where you can either download files over the internet, and play songs anytime you want; or register for a premium account, and play songs anywhere you want. Even more so, both streaming platforms have a playlist feature (e.g. jack keys) – making it easier for users to listen to songs they want to hear, even for a hundred times.


Back then, YouTube is only a go-to for movie and trailer buffs or TV show and teaser fans. But now, YouTube has also become a go-to for those who want to learn more about video games like DotA 2 or know more about a certain subjects like The Knights Templars – and most especially, a go-to for both popular artists and wishful musicians. From Tyler Ward to Alex Goot to Kurt Schneider to Against The Current to Boyce Avenue to Pentatonix, YouTubing has indeed paid off when it comes to music.

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