Things You’ll Surprisingly Enjoy Doing With Background Music

background music

“Some people have lives; some people have music.” – John Green

That being said, here are some things you’ll surprisingly enjoy doing with background music:

  • Making fresh juices or refreshing smoothies at home. Most people would just put ingredients together in juicers or blenders like WheatGrass juicers, turn it on, wait for everything to blend, pour the concoction in a glass, and drink it. Having background music, however, while doing it makes everything better. Why? You’ll be more inspired, especially if your favorite song’s on and you’re about to make breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner for your loved ones!
  • Sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Repetitive and dull as it can be, this household chore is more than just something you do everyday. It can be a form of exercise, especially if you’re someone who prefers staying at home rather than going outside. And with background music, doing this household chore will seem more exercise-y – and something you’ll truly enjoy doing, just as you are when doing other things you love.
  • Repairing your house or creating a new house project. Be it changing the locks on your doors or making your own herb garden in the backyard, you don’t have to feel “obliging.” Spice it up with background music! Make repairing your house or creating a new house project enjoyable as you dance to your favorite song’s beat and rhythm – like you’re just doing your own thing, rather than just being obliging.
  • Preparing or cooking the meals. Gone are those days where maidens avoid singing while cooking, a belief said to cause unluckiness in love and in marriage. Now, maidens – and just about everyone who knows how to cook – can do it with background music. Sing along, dance along, who cares? So long as you don’t get anything burned or even cooked raw, you can always spice it up with background music.

In conclusion, having background music in almost everything is not just something done to make a person look cooler. It’s something done to make every repetitive, dull, and obliging tasks less repetitive, dull, and obliging. Aside from that, there’s a reason why some have lives and others have music – and that’s because the power of music is not just limited to developing your mental and emotional fortitude. It also develops your physical state, especially when you learn to see household chores as forms of exercise more than just being obliging or “just having responsibilities.”

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