Music Online – What are the options?

spotifySeems like streaming music online is the new black. It is definitely the way the future of music is going. This is because so many people listen to music on so many different devices and at different times during the day. Streaming music online is the perfect way to be able to listen to your music on whatever device you want to.

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Umbria Jazz

Umbria JazzOne festival I’ve been to before which was absolutely amazing was Umbria Jazz. I had the best of intentions to go this year, but alas it did not happen. I’ve got my sights on it for next year.

This festival is based in the region of Umbria in Italy and like a lot of Italy, it is extremely picturesque. And it just seems to be the most perfect setting for the most incredible Jazz festival.

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The Stars Are Always Looking to Get Their Bodies to Be Perfect

FitnessIt can be a real challenge for anyone to get a perfect body. People are so different in so many ways that it can be a real challenge for anyone to manage a healthy body without using a great deal of effort in the process. However, the biggest problem that comes with getting a perfect body often comes from trying to use sensible solutions without the use of surgery.

Today’s biggest stars in the entertainment world tend to look for weight loss and skin care treatments that are easy to manage and can provide sensible results. Then again, these are also people who want to get results quickly for all sorts of purposes. The challenges of trying to lose weight and to get great curves can be tough but many of today’s hottest celebs have begun to find that it doesn’t have to be too stressful for anyone to get a better look to one’s body.


Weight Loss Programs Involve Many Plans

Sometimes a weight loss program Baton Rouge like what is being offered at can be a big part of what one can do in order to get a better body. Many of today’s stars use treatments that involve a balanced diet that places an emphasis on protein in order to keep muscle mass under control and to clear out old fat deposits.

In some cases a weight loss program may utilize a strategic fat reduction process. This doesn’t have to involve liposuction or other invasive processes. Sometimes it can involve tissue massages and supplementation through medications to control fat deposits in all parts of the body. The purpose will be to protect the body to make it feel healthy and in control.


Skin Care is Also Used

Treatments for the skin are frequently used just as well. A skin care treatment Omaha from will often involve working with things like Botox or fillers that can be injected into the body to control wrinkles. In other cases skin care products for lightening the skin may also be used. People can even use customized facials and reshaping procedures for the skin to make it all brilliant.

The reason why so many big-name stars will use these treatments is because they just want their bodies to look a little better. They don’t want to be stuck with bodies that are not all that shapely or appealing. They want to instead focus on bodies that are sturdy and less likely to feel or look worn out.


Solutions are Accessible

An amazing part of what these stars are doing comes from how they aren’t just sticking with plans to handle plastic surgery anymore. They are instead using less invasive methods of taking care of their bodies to make them look and feel right. These are often used to enhance the ways how the body feels in the long run. Besides, the body may look a little more natural if non-invasive procedures are used to take care of the body.

People can particularly afford these treatments in that they don’t cost as much as what people might expect to spend for things like plastic surgery. The lack of expenses associated with certain treatments like fillers, weight loss strategies and massages are often to the benefit of people who don’t have the same amount of money as big-name stars have.

The process that comes with a skin care treatment can prove to be essential for any celebrity who is in the public eye and today people of all sorts can use these treatments. It’s amazing to see just what some stars will do to make themselves look better and to really stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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Public Impact of Celebrities’ Body Image

bodyimageFrom televisions to computers, when people see music icons and celebrities perform at their best, most would wish they’re size 2, or they look as hot as Robert Pattingson, or as sexy as Beyoncé. It’s undeniable that these celebrities and music stars have great influence to the public, especially to teens and young adults who are often in the midst of working hard in gyms or experimenting with various diet regimens. While there are well-known individuals who are very vocal about their body image preferences and the imperfections that lie within, those who share experiences and procedures in, let’s say a plastic surgeon Beverly Hills clinic have louder voice. No wonder why many fans rummage the internet like they’re rummaging a chaotic closet just to find websites like

Most websites like it are filled with updated information on various surgical procedures to improve one’s body – from the shape of one’s behind to the form of her nose. Likely, there are also many websites that fans check to get updated with their fave celebs. As the generation becomes more open to the idea of reconstructive surgeries, more and more celebrities are also being open and vocal about the latest surgery they went through, the latest diet they’re doing, the latest workout and exercise they learned, and more. In fact, these websites and blogs are gaining popularity rapidly than anyone could think of. It just shows that Hollywood stars are somewhat required to look good in order to own the spotlight.

On another angle, there are also stars who don’t give much importance to body image. In fact, famous singer Adele mentioned in one of her interviews that “I’ve never looked at magazine covers or music videos and thought, ‘I need to look like that if I want to be a success.’ To sell more records, I don’t need to. I’m selling records.” Now this is quite remarkable and this is the angle that fans should be more focused on. Of course, being healthy is essential – there’s probably no celebrity or music icon who urges fans to try all surgical procedures just to look good. And eating right must be followed; and by right, that means eating enough that your body needs.

Nevertheless, TV icons are one with health experts on the fact that physical appearance has a great contribution to one’s self-esteem. Add to that the advertisements that inform the public about the advantages of looking sexy and hot, there’s no question why experts like plastic surgeon Cedar Rapids and in other areas are visited more often than ever. On the bright side, there are responsible surgeons who take enough time to explain to their patients all things they need to know about the procedure they want. Websites like is a great example where not only are the procedures explained but information about the surgeons are also laid open. With such dose of information, people who are dying to look like their idols – or at least close to it – would be more knowledgeable on what they’re about to enter.

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The Growing Popularity of Canada’s On-line Food Service

go fastGoing to the supermarket or to a local grocery may be a natural daily routine for most people who buy their food supplies in regards to their daily needs. To some people, it is imperative that they should be the ones to choose the items for their specific needs and wants, which of course means queuing in line and waiting for your turn on the cash register. For most of us, this is part of the daily way of life that we find a bit inconvenient especially if the supermarket is abuzz with hoards of people. Sometimes, things may get out of hand during rush hours or if the weather is not looking too promising, which can turn your usual marketing chores into an inconvenient experience.

It is no surprise that Canadians are slowly getting more and more comfortable with the notion of purchasing their needs through on-line shopping networks as it does give certain points of advantages over the usual means of buying their needs. The statistical number of Canadians buying groceries on line has steadily been increasing in the past years. In a recent survey made suggested that there was an 18% of the total Canadian population that ordered groceries, beverages and food on-line, giving an idea  of an increase of people who were finding the aspect of on-line shopping, more to their liking in regards to the convenience that it gives.

A survey made way back in 2010 revealed that during that time, 11% of Canadians were engaged in on-line shopping as most of their purchases were related to food. Since then, it has increased to 7% and is still growing at an annual rate of 2.5 to 3 percent a year. Though the survey does not point out specifically relate to on-line grocery purchases, it still shows that the majority of on-line transactions made were indeed food related. For the past years, Canadians have been becoming more comfortable with the idea of purchasing on-line, particularly food. A big percentage of on-line food purchases consisted of fast food items such as pizzas, burgers, beverages such as wine, beer, soda drinks, ice cream and other various delivery and take out orders.

This eventual increase on the influx of Internet customers have started to bring into the the on-line food delivery some established restaurants that want a part of a growing consumer market. It has also seen the entry of aggregation websites that function as gateways to other fast food on-line delivery companies. In recent years, fast food delivery websites have steadily been increasing and are reported to be active in cities such as Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

Most on-line delivery sites cater to on-line fast foods and making a delivery in Montreal would take to about 30 minutes to as long as one hour, depending on where you are located and the details of the type of food you would like to be delivered. It seems like the term “Delivery Montreal” is now gaining a strong following amongst people who tend to rely on the power and convenience that the Internet can provide, as it does make the task of ordering food on-line fast, convenient and easy.

Although only a handful of well established grocery chains provide on-line delivery to their valued customers, other medium sized groceries may just have to contend with the orthodox way of delivery and accept orders through phone. Large grocery chains such as Grocery Gateway in Toronto do offer deliveries in respect to on-line orders in which prompted other big companies such as WalMart to follow suit. And, as expected, WalMart began accepting on-line orders as well as deliveries to their customers.

In a comparative statistical survey done way back in 2012, Canadians were said to have spent a total amount of $18.9 billion dollars on on-line purchases of various consumer goods which had an increase of 24% since 2010. It clearly proves that more and more Canadians are finding confidence and the aspect of on-line shopping safety has given them more assurance to give more favor to the aspect of on-line shopping more that ever before. Presently, the security provided by on-line shops to their customers has dramatically improved over the past years. Security in regards to using a credit card or other methods on on-line fund transfer has always been a big concern by most people who want to engage in on-line shopping.

Survey also claims that a total of 56% of all Internet users in Canada, have in one way or another, made transactions and ordered items or services on-line. It also validated an increase of almost 51% from the last 2 years since 2010. In 2012, there was an average of 77% of people that were using the Internet who had said that they searched for a whole assortment of items and related services that had caught their interest but admittedly said that they were just window shopping and had no final plans of buying or were either undecided yet. It was also interesting to know the age demographics of the people who were frequently browsing on-line shopping networks and who have the largest potential to buy on-line ranging from the age of 25 and 34 years old, whom the majority were properly employed or held alternative forms of employment.

As of 2012, Canadian on-line shoppers were found to have individually made an average on-line purchase of roughly $1,450 dollars which when broken down revealed an average of 13 separate transactions. A large part of Canadian on-line expenditure which consists of about 58% went to on-line purchases of travel arrangements such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations and reservations, while another 52% went to on-line ticket sales such as concerts and movies. 42% of over all on-line spending went to the purchase of clothing, watches, jewelry and other sorts of accessories, while others were made on books and games. As the Internet grows with leaps and bounds, so will the ability of people to purchase things on-line as this will be the new way of availing things in a more convenient and secure way, giving most of us more choices to choose from which may is a good way in terms of comparative selection in regards to on-line shopping whether that be for food or products and services.

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Why Your TV Production Crew Needs to Rent Out Portable Toilets

toiletWatching TV shows often makes the work done by TV production crews seem effortless. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The work that goes into creating amazing TV shows requires a lot of effort from everyone involved in it. Whether we’re talking about trashy reality TV shows or quality TV shows that air on cable, much work is expected from everyone involved in them. Of course, we’re not just talking about the aspects directly related to whatever appears onscreen, we’re also talking about considerations which may seem mundane but actually contribute to a show’s success.  This is actually the reason why I am writing this article. By writing this article, I hope to make more people realize how meticulous TV production crews have to be to ensure the success of their work.

Most people don’t realize this, but seemingly mundane things such as catering and toilets are actually a big part of TV productions. TV production crews aren’t made up of robots – they’re all human beings who have basic human needs. To ensure the success of a TV show, production crews need to make sure that everyone in the set has access to basic necessities. Without these basic necessities, TV production crews wouldn’t be able to do effective work.

Taking care of such stuff can be tedious – luckily, there are now contractors out there that provide such services to TV production crews for reasonable fees. Just by contracting such services out, TV production crews are saved much hassle. These contractors are very helpful to TV production crews that do work in remote settings – one such TV production crew is the one behind Bane of Thrones. Bane of Thrones is a fantasy TV show that has frequent shoots in the wilderness. Because these shoots often require crews to spend days on set, they need portable toilets.

When it comes to porta potty rentals, Portable Toilet Co is among the best. Luckily for TV productions crews, such companies now rent out portable toilets to crews who have shoots in remote places. What’s great about toilet rental services today is that TV production crews can choose from many types of portable toilets. For indie productions, they might opt for the cheapest portable toilet: a bare-bones toilet that’s comfortable enough for people but don’t offer much else. For bigger productions, they might of for VIP portable toilets or even trailer toilets which have air conditioning and other features found in luxury bathrooms.

Whatever the case may be, TV production crews don’t have to worry about the more mundane aspects of TV productions anymore. By contracting them out to reliable companies, TV production crews can focus on making their TV show better. What’s great is that contracting mundane work out also helps TV production crews save money in the long run – this is really helpful for production crews that work on a tight budget. Hopefully, what I’ve written here will prove helpful to those who plan on working in the TV industry – those who plan on working in the industry need to know its ins and out beforehand, after all.

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Iconic Luxury Homes in Film

luxuryMany films make use of luxury homes. From lake houses in Scotland to waterfront villas in Italy, production crews from all over the world will always need to rent such properties. Some of the homes that ended up being used in films have actually become iconic. If you’ve seen American Bustle (2013), you definitely were struck by the amazing location where they shot the final confrontation scene – although it’s too early to tell, I believe that the location used in the film will become iconic. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about some of the most iconic homes in film. Hopefully, filmmakers and cinephiles will pick something up from this post.

Iconic Home No. 1 – The Lake Houses

The Lake Houses is considered one of the most romantic movies of the 2000s. It featured amazing performances from both Keane Reeve and Sandy Bullick. Almost everyone who has watched the movie ended up crying really hard by the end of it. One of the most memorable things about the film is the locations they used, and one of them happens to be the lake houses in Texas. Through amazing camerawork and cinematography, the interiors of these houses have become permanently embedded in the minds of those who watched the movie. The good news for the film’s biggest fans is that these lake houses are now for sale! (For more information on lake houses for sale in texas, please visit

Iconic Home No. 2 – The Shunning

The Shunning is one of the most influential films in the entire history of cinema. One of the most amazing things about it is the luxury home it is set at. On initial viewing most people will likely not notice anything odd about it. A second viewing, however, might make people notice that the house “doesn’t make sense.” There are “impossible” stairs and hallways in the house – its entire architecture is impossible.

Stan Cubrick, the director of the film, had the house consistently and painstakingly modified throughout the shoot. Many people who now visit the home tend to end up surprised that although it still looks largely the same as it did in the movie, the “impossible” features are not there anymore. While the luxury home does have a creepy atmosphere, there is a family that actually lives there now. They actually still make a lot of money renting the place out. Parody commercials and videos still make use of the location a lot, according to the family.

There are many other iconic homes that still permeate popular consciousness. What’s amazing about such locations is that they end up being familiar to people even though they haven’t seen the film that originally featured it – this is because the iconic nature of such locations has lead to them being used in numerous parodies and homages. One only needs to watch a Saturday morning cartoon to see such parodies. Hopefully, this post will prove helpful to both film majors and cinephiles. Perhaps this post will get them to start to measuring at least part of a film’s critical success by the number of iconic items it creates.

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Losing Weight for Award-Winning Film Roles

weightlossIf you have been watching TV lately, you would know that Jennifer Laurent and Chris Bales won the Best Actress and Best Actor awards at this year’s Golden Maps Awards. Their performances in the film American Bustle were so charismatic that the critics unanimously voted them as this year’s best actress and actor. Aside from their amazing acting skills, a lot of preparatory work involved in the film contributed to their towering presence onscreen. For their performance in the film, Laurent and Bales had to lose a lot of weight as they had to portray fit characters. Although they were already on a strict exercise plan and diet, Laurent and Bales still had a bit of “medical help” to get them to their target weight on time. Laurent had to undergo liposuction while Bales had to undergo testosterone replacement. The reason why I am writing this article is to talk about how much the liposuction and testosterone replacement helped Laurent and Bales get the much coveted Best Actress and Best Actor awards.

Laurent underwent liposuction at the best liposuction long island clinic five weeks into production. Because the clinic used Smartlipo, Laurent was able to quickly recover from the procedure and focus on developing her onscreen persona. Smartlipo is the most unintrusive form of weight loss surgery. Because it only entails making a small incision where a laser fiber that melts fats can be inserted, people who undergo the procedure can recover quickly from it. The procedure is actually gaining ground as the treatment of choice for people who are within 25 pounds of their target weight. Also, other celebrities who have needed to lose weight for their roles fast have also opted to undergo Smartlipo instead of traditional lipo suction – Smartlipo is now Hollywood’s treatment of choice for fast weight loss.

On the other hand, Bales had to undergo a different form of treatment. Since Bales was already in middle age, the production crew’s doctors had to determine what caused him to gain weight in his 30s. After thorough examinations, they determined that his weight gain was caused by low testosterone levels. Most people do not know this, but a lot of men actually start producing less testosterone in their 30s – this results in unwanted weight gain, loss of muscle tone, sexual dysfunction, etc. The good thing is that it is easy to treat the condition. A week before starting production, Bales started undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at a testosterone replacement therapy miami clinic. Through TRT and a healthy exercise plan and diet, Bales was able to lose 20 pounds in just a month. His weight loss is actually shown onscreen as it is actually part of American Bustle’s plot.

The good news for most people is that they don’t have to make a living as movie stars in order to afford the weight loss treatments mentioned in this post. Smartlipo and TRT can actually be more affordable than older forms of weight loss treatment. If you think you may need to undergo such treatments to lose fat that just won’t go away, the best thing you can do is to contact the appropriate medical professional – hopefully, this post will actually get its readers to do this.



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What You Need to Organize Your Own Festival

festivalOrganizing a small festival isn’t as big a job as it might initially seem. Whether it’s a music, food or general arts festival (or, indeed, any other kind) the process for setting it up and marketing it are actually quite simple. Your real job is to bring the creativity and passion that will truly make it a success. This short article explores some of practical steps that you can take to get your idea off the ground. Building the proper infrastructure that will allow people to easily experience whatever it is your offering is one of the most important things to get right, and is also most likely going to be your biggest cost (with the possible exception of the acts themselves). With that in mind, it’s important to look for good deals wherever you can find them and we’ve listed some good sites where appropriate.

Stages and Music Equipment: Probably the most important thing. For smaller events you can usually set up the stages and tents yourself and even hire the music equipment (speakers, microphone, mixing desk etc.) and install it if you know what you’re doing. For bigger events, it’s more likely that you’re going to need to hire a professional company to manage everything. They don’t come cheap and this is probably the most significant cost you’re going to have to front.

Food: Food shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. If you can guarantee a certain number of people, then portable food vans will usually come and set up for free. If you can guarantee a large number, you might even be able to charge them for a spot. This is one of the reasons it’s good to know your ticket sales and numbers in advance.

Toilets: Surprisingly, these could turn out to be one of your biggest costs. Porta potties and restroom trailers are usually legal requirements for any big event and it’s absolutely vital that you have them. There’s lots of companies offering portable toilets for sale and you can compare the prices of most of them here. Organizing the toilets is part of the down-and-dirty of setting up a festival, but it is a must-do!

Barriers: Again, the barriers that you will need are very much dependent on the size of your festival. If it’s a small affair then you might not need any barriers at all. For bigger events, you can easily and cheaply hire portable and secure fencing.

Security Staff: Hiring a few security professionals to man the entry points can save you a lot of hassle in the long-run.

Marketing Materials: This is one area where you can recuperate some of your costs. For a bigger event you may want to hire a small company to do some professional materials. Otherwise, there’s no reason why you can’t make most of your publicity material at home. Stick to free online advertising (a little research will yield numerous free sources of traffic) and home-made flyers distributed locally. Reach out to local magazines and newspapers and most will give your event some free publicity, especially if a portion of your proceeds will be donated to charity.


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My Big Mistake: How I Created Hundreds of Angry Customers

customerEvery year, I have a hosted a large music festival here in Palm Springs, California for past five years. It has been a wild ride since the first event and I’ve learned a lot about the industry and the business along the way. Today I want to share with you one of the biggest mistakes I made during the first event that nearly ruined our event’s reputation, but ended up generating a ton of buzz. This is one of the weirdest stories, but I love to tell it as it shows how you can turn a horrible business mistake into a genus marketing success.

The first event as held in October of 2008 and we had a huge number of big name artists to perform at the show. Up to this point, it took an entire year of planning to get this thing off the ground. The hardest part was getting people to believe in us and sign the big artists. We knew that if we couldn’t sign any big names, the whole event would be a total failure. No one would buy $100 tickets to a concert where nobody knows the artists. Once we miraculously were able to get a confirmation and deal for some big names, we started printing flyers right away and sending them out all over the Internet. A day before the event, everything was ready, and we sold 10,000 tickets!

The event started out great for the first few hours, but after people started consuming their beers and drinking their whiskey, the problem came up. It wasn’t that we were running out of alcohol, it was that we didn’t have any where for our patrons to use the restroom! We totally slept on the idea that people need to pee after a few hours of drinking! So many people were furious. Luckily, we called up a local company using Local Porta Potty and the only company that was able to deliver the same day only had one available. We needed like 16! When the porta potty finally arrived, people were even more upset. There was only one available and everyone had to share. After the event was over, we didn’t hear the end of it on Twitter and our Facebook, it was a mess.

After the noise died down a couple months later, we had to start planning next years event. When it came time to start promoting it we were worried about the backlash again. “Would they remember the toilet situation and not forgive us?” I thought. It was then that I had a genius idea. Instead of promoting the big artists on the main page, we took a risky approach and promoted porta potties right in the middle of our marketing flyers. It said “featuring 16 porta potties” and it was the biggest image on the flyer. People started laughing and it made local new headlines and went viral. It ended up bringing us way more business than we expected. This is the perfect example of turning misfortune into gold. That second year, we sold 16,000 tickets.

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Renting a Fence for your Movie Set

fenceBeing on a movie set usually involves a lot of privacy. Directors and producers want to keep everything closed off to the public. They want the movie to be secret. Of course there are lots of reports and journalists always trying to get the latest scoop. This is why you will see portable temporary fences surrounding a lot of movie sets. The fences are designed to keep people and others out. This article will go over some of the best reasons to rent temporary fencing for your next movie. A temporary fence doesn’t have to be that expensive. It’s a great way to keep everything organized and safe. In fact, in some area it is required by law to have your project fenced off. Especially at night when no one is around. Since this temporary fencing is part of the cost of doing business you can use it as a tax write off. With a fence you get a clear and set area for a movie. This will make sure your actors and other crew stay where they are supposed to. This is particularly important if you are filming in a public location. For example, the famous central park or a european cathedral. There are other people going about their daily business and a fence will just help to no disturb others.

Many times when you are shooting a blockbuster movie you will get whole crowds of anxious fans trying to get in on some action. A fence is a great form of crowd control so you can protect your actors and make sure nosy fans don’t disrupt the filming process.

also, if you are ever in an emergency. A temporary fence will allow you to keep everyone safe, assess the situation correctly, and take the correct action. This could be a life or death situation. Say something when wrong with the explosions on set and someone got hurt. Well having a fence would keep everything controlled and allow emergency services to find you quickly.

There are many different options for temporary fencing, but some of the most popular are as follows:

Chain link: a chain link fence is one of the best temporary fences you can get. It is very sturdy and you can make them very high. You see these kinds of fences everywhere, from construction jobs, to government projects, to movie sets. This is the best option if you can afford it, but if you can’t don’t worry as there are also much more affordable options.

Orange Plastic: Another option is to use port a posts and then wrap orange plastic around them. Of course this is not going to be very sturdy but it will give people the idea and help establish the boundaries, which is the whole purpose of the fence anyways.

Those are some of the most popular options available, but your bet is to call a temporary fencing company such as and see what they have to offer. Usually a professional company has lots of options you can customize according to the job you have.

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Using Portable Bathrooms On Set

bathroomLets face it! every one has to go to the bathroom at one point or another, even movie stars! Many movies sets, especially when they are filming on far away locations have portable bathrooms. This allows everyone from the actors, to directors, to writers to be able to relieve them self when they need to. Most of the A list actors have their own trailers, which have their own private bathrooms, but you are still going to need portable restrooms for all the extras and others you will have on set. The great thing about portable restrooms is they aren’t as bad as you would think. Portable bathrooms can be customized to look very luxurious and be very homy. This article will go over some of the best solutions for people using portable bathrooms on movie and tv sets.

First of all your the portable bathrooms need to be portable. We have a few options in this department. You can either use a portable bathroom that can be loaded separately onto a trailer or a truck or you can get a portable bathroom that has it’s own wheels. With these kinds of portable bathrooms you can carry them around with almost anything. All you have to do is hook the hitch up and you’re good to go.

Now there are several options you can get with your toilet. Some of the most popular being:

Showers: You never know how long you are going to be on a movie set. When you are off in a far away location shooting, you are going to need a place for your crew to wash off the grime.

Heating and Cooling: Depending on where your shooting this may or may not be necessary. If you are shooting in a super cold environment you might want heating for your portable bathroom. If you are shooting in a super hot environment, then you’re probably going to want cooling.

Space is always a good thing to have. Some times people need somewhere they can go to relax, which brings us to our next amenity.

Privacy: This is a huge concern for everyone. When they go to the bathroom to do their business, they don’t want to worry about people peeping in.

There are just some options. Whichever company you work with, make sure they customize the portable bathroom to your needs and your movie set. Speaking of companies to work with. A world renowned portable toilet provider is They have lots of experience and they are happy to work with movie producers. to make sure their portable bathroom experience is a good one.

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Getting the Value for Money in Used Cars

value for used carsThe other night after hitting the local bars with me as the designated driver, while driving home my car died. I pulled to the side of the road and called for a tow truck to come pick up my vehicle. Let’s just say it wasn’t very fun babysitting 3 drunken friends while waiting on the side of the road for the tow truck. Meanwhile I was upset about my car dying mainly because this is the fourth time it died in the last year. When the tow truck driver arrived he heard me complaining about the car and I had decided to start looking for a new vehicle the next day. He told me about a place that gives cash for cars called Boomsold and told me he could tow it there for me if I wanted. I had nothing to lose because I certainly didn’t want him towing it to a garage where I could put more money in to the car so I told him to go ahead and tow it to the place that would give me cash for the vehicle.

The next morning I called the place up and told them that I was the owner of the mysterious vehicle that had been towed to their place the previous night. They invited me to come down and talk about what they would give me for the vehicle so I borrowed my brother’s car and drove over there.

I was very surprised about how straight forward the process was. We sat down and talked about the value of the car and then they showed me the different price points the car would fetch based on the different condition types. They assessed the current condition of the car with me standing next to them and their assessment was fair. From that point they made an offer that was 12% less than the book value of the car for the current condition it was in (because obviously they need to make some money on it as well) and told me that I had 14 days to consider the offer at which time the offer would be void.

I accepted their deal on the spot and they cut me a check. Overall the whole process took less than an hour and I walked out of there with one less headache that day. Now all I have to do is find a vehicle that is going to be reliable and within my budget. Luckily the tow truck driver told me about Boomsold so that I don’t have to deal with putting an ad up for the sale of the vehicle and have to deal with all the morons who want to come by and see the car or ask me 100 questions and negotiate. I spent less than an hour to get rid of that heap and I got a fair price out of the whole thing. I am super excited that I would probably go that route whenever I want to sell a vehicle in the future.

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The Benefits of Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4s

iphone jailbreakIf you bought an iPhone 4s in the US then chances are it’s locked and can only be used with the carrier you bought it through. But locked phones prevent you from doing more than just switching cell providers, you also won’t be able to customize the background, icons, or sounds on your phone or download any apps that aren’t offered in apples app store.

The reason apple and the major cellular companies cite for deciding to lock iPhones is that they want to ensure your phone works as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Since all apps sold through iTunes must be reviewed and approved by apple they can help ensure they all work properly and don’t contain any malware or other software that will affect your phone’s functionality.

Ensuring apps work well on your phone is part of the reason apple decided to lock the iPhone 4s, but the bigger reason has to do with money. By requiring all app purchases go through the app store, apple is also ensuring that all app revenue goes through the app store. They have attempted to monopolize the app marketplace and remove any possible competition.

But fortunately there are steps you can take to unlock you phone which will allow you to use any cell carrier you want and download any app you can find. The process for unlocking your phone is called “jailbreaking”. To jailbreak iPhone 4S you need to take advantage of the iPhone 4s Jailbreaker. Doing so will unlock your phone and give you the freedom to use it however you see fit. I mean, it’s your phone, you paid for it, you should be able to use it anywhere and with any app you please.

So after you’ve gone through the jailbreaking process and your phone is unlocked what do you do next? Well, the largest collection of iPhone 4s apps on the web can be found using Cydia. Cydia is an app that works like the app store on your phone but in addition to apple authorized apps also has apps that haven’t been approved yet. Cydia refers to apps in their store as “packages”. Search for packages or browse through categories to find apps you’re interested in. Buying and downloading is very similar to using the apple app store and you’ll need to enter your contact information and credit card details to make purchases.

After unlocking your phone you’ll be all set to download your favorite music or video player. No more will you be solely reliant on iTunes, with it’s mediocre sound quality and restrictive video options. Explore new apps that let you stream music from your home computer or edit your own songs on the fly. By unlocking your phone you’ll be able to use it however you please.

The biggest concern most people have about buying unauthorized apps is that they will damage their phones. While this is a valid concern the likelihood of that ever happening is miniscule. But there are a few steps you should always take to protect yourself. First, only download apps from reputable sources. Large scale stores like Cydia do their own review of each app to make sure they’re safe and should be fine for you to use. Be hesitant of software that’s only available from the developers site and not listed in any app stores. That may mean they weren’t able to pass inspection.

Also pay close attention to app reviews. Other users who have had negative experiences with software are likely to report them in the comments so make sure to read through a few before deciding whether or not to download it.

Jailbreaking your phone will give you the freedom to us your iPhone 4s the way you want to use it, whether that includes taking your phone to a new carrier or downloading apps that aren’t offered in apple’s on-line store.

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