5 of the Best Cities for Music Enthusiasts

For a music lover, every destination offers a chance to listen to the tunes in which the music scene beats. Or it could be a place that can be associated with a particular song. But there are cities worldwide where a music enthusiast would love to explore. For varied reasons, these are some of the best travel destinations that are on many music lovers’ list.

1. Austin, Texas

Austin City Limits

Austin is often referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. And the city lives up to its title with its numerous music venues including a plethora of bars where you can watch bands perform. It is also home to several music festivals like the popular Austin City Limits, Art City Austin, Urban Music Festival, and more.

2. Liverpool, England


Liverpool, England is a beautiful city in its own right. But as home to the Beatles it has endeared itself more to a lot of music lovers worldwide. Many have made the pilgrimage to pay homage to the iconic band. It is a trip you would not want to miss, especially if you are a Beatles fan. Experience the Magical Mystery Tour where you can visit famous attractions related to the band.

3. London, England


London has long been a hub for musicians attracting world-class performers from all parts of the country and the world. A visit to the 100 Club lets you explore one of the city’s venues that the likes of Mick Jagger and many other famous musicians. There is no shortage of pubs, music venues, and performances to explore and enjoy when in the city.

4. Memphis, Tennessee


The birthplace of rock n’roll has plenty of attractions for music lovers. A visit to the “Home of the Blues” is not complete without making a stop at Graceland and the Stax Museum of American Soul. Beale Street, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, and Sun Studio are likewise popular attractions for music enthusiasts who want to explore more of the city.

5. Milan, Italy

La Scala

Milan is synonymous with opera. It is home to La Scala where the finest works like Madame Butterfly have premièred. Music related attractions include the Milan Auditorium and Museo Teatrale alla Scale. The city also has a vibrant electro scene with several venues where dance and electro enthusiasts can spend the night enjoying the playlists.

Celebrating Your Love For Music

listening to your favorite songs

Let’s face it.

Without music, life would simply be empty.

You see, music is not just about the rhythm. It’s about the unexpected beat of the hearts listening to it. You also see, music is not just about the lyrics. It’s also about the unspoken words of the hearts listening to it.

Thus, it’s only right for you to celebrate your love for music.

Here are some ways:

Celebrate your love for music by attending music festivals.

Music festivals are more than meets the eye. You will not only get to see large crowds of people. You will also get to see hearts coming together as one. You will not only get to experience being a part of large crowds of people. You will also get to experience being a part of heart coming together as one. And yes, all these – along with good food, good drinks, and good friends – will happen under a bright day, or even a starry night, with great and sometimes live music playing in the background.

Celebrate your love for music by camping somewhere alone.

Who says female camping alone is prohibited? No one, right? You see, camping alone may just be the thing you need to celebrate your love for music. You can just laze around in your tent and just go out when the stars in the night sky begin to pop out, all the while listening to your favorite songs on your laptop. You can also move around in your area and even go on an adventure during the day where the sun is shining bright, all the while listening to your favorite songs on your mobile.

How about you?

How do you celebrate your love for music?

How do you think people should celebrate their love for music?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Music Trends In Our Daily Lives


Let’s face it.

Technology has already dominated everyone’s lives. We use technology at home to clean our house. We use technology at work to meet our deadlines. We use technology at school to pass our subjects. Simply put, technology is now a part of every single thing we do in life.

But you know what? There’s another one. Technology has also dominated everyone’s interests – or more specifically, the way people listen to music.

Digital trends have now become music trends.

Music trends have now become part of every single thing we do in life.

That being said, here’s a closer look on some of them:


Back then, you can only randomly listen to songs on the radio. But now, you can just listen to songs on streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes – where you can either download files over the internet, and play songs anytime you want; or register for a premium account, and play songs anywhere you want. Even more so, both streaming platforms have a playlist feature (e.g. jack keys) – making it easier for users to listen to songs they want to hear, even for a hundred times.


Back then, YouTube is only a go-to for movie and trailer buffs or TV show and teaser fans. But now, YouTube has also become a go-to for those who want to learn more about video games like DotA 2 or know more about a certain subjects like The Knights Templars – and most especially, a go-to for both popular artists and wishful musicians. From Tyler Ward to Alex Goot to Kurt Schneider to Against The Current to Boyce Avenue to Pentatonix, YouTubing has indeed paid off when it comes to music.

Do you know any other music trends in our daily lives? Let us know in the comments section below!

How Music Improves Health and Wellbeing

listening to music

There is more to music than the pleasure you get from listening to your favorite tunes. Apart from the instant benefits like boosting your mood, music can have a lasting impact to your health and wellbeing. Here’s a look to what various research have proved to be some of music’s many beneficial effects.

Music Triggers Positive Emotions

People who listen to music when they are feeling blue are doing it right. Research shows that dopamine released from the brain when you listen to good music can make you feel happier. So if you need an instant mood boost, you just have to spend a few minutes listening to some tunes you like to start feeling good.

Music Relieves Stress

The music you love listening to not only makes you happy. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, in your body. Dancing and singing along with the music or playing a musical instrument provides an added boost to the beneficial effects you get. So if you are feeling stressed out, you can play some music to soothe your mind and body.

Music Boosts Learning and Recall

Research shows that certain types of music can boost learning and memory. According to the researchers, musicians who listen to neutral music experience an improvement in learning. The same subjects likewise scored higher in tests while listening to music they like. If you are not a musician, the study suggests doing the reverse to get the results you want.

Music Promotes Cooperation

Researchers from Cornell University discovered that music can improve cooperation. The study reveals people are more likely to contribute for the common good when upbeat music is playing. So if you want to encourage cooperation at the workplace or any group setting, you may want to start playing some happy songs.

Music Makes Exercise Better

Have you ever wondered why many high performance athletes always listen to music while working out? Working out can be boring at times, especially when you are training on your own. But apart from making things less dull, listening to music can make your workout better. Research indicates that high energy or upbeat music can boost endurance level and helps in delaying the onset of fatigue.